Here is the list of things that are required of you to complete the course in FYS1120 this year. All information about the requirements are officially given on the course web pages, however, we’re doing our best to reflect that information here.

  • There will be one compulsory assignment during the course. The relevant dates are in the time table.
  • There will be a lab during the course. Details about this will be announced later.
  • There is a mid-term exam. For the exact date and time, see this page.
  • The final exam is at the end of the semester. For the exact date and time, see this page.

If you are uncertain about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    • Nei, det har sneket seg inn en feil i timeplanen. Det ble fikset i går, men ser ut til å ha kommet tilbake nå. Det er heller ingen gruppetimer på mandag eller torsdag.

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