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We have compiled a zip-file with a bunch of old exams, as well as their solutions. The newer ones, 2011 and 2012, are most relevant. Old exam problems Good luck!


All the weekly exercises in a neat and tidy list. Compiled just for you!



Learn everything you need to know about vector analysis, Maxwell's equations and Python programming. At least for this course.


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We've collected the best tips and tricks for the FYS1120 course. It's your one-stop guide to learning electromagnetism this semester!

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If you need help with anything, have any questions or just want to get in touch with us, you should not hesitate to contact us right away. The way to get help depends on what you’re having trouble with, so we've made a checklist for you to get the help you need on the Support and Feedback page.

About the course

This year we’ve decided to revamp the FYS1120 course in electromagnetism completely. The course is still focused around the same topics as before, but the shape of the course is very different. First of all, you’re looking at the newest member of the course, namely these web pages. Here we are gathering all the exercises, some notes to get you started with topics not covered in the literature, several tips to master FYS1120 and most importantly a blog where we cover several interesting and important aspects about electromagnetism. The blog is also the main source for updates, including new exercises, solutions and important messages.

Requirements to complete the course

There are a few things you should know about this years course. Such as the exam dates, obligatory assignments and the lab. If you haven’t checked out these things, you should have a look at our list on the Requirements page.