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This post is from an earlier year, meaning the information here is likely outdated. You should look for a newer post from the current year to get the newest exercises and notes.

Even though we’ve tried to keep the blog as updated as possible with the latest messages from the course pages, there have been a few that has slipped through our radar. To avoid this, we’ve added an automatically updated list to the front page of this website:

Under the heading “Latest messages” you’ll find the three latest messages that has been posted, and by clicking the link you’ll find all messages ever posted on the course pages. So keep an eye on this list in addition to the blog. Not all messages here will be posted in the blog from now on.

For instance, the following messages have not been posted here yet, and might be useful:

  • The second try for the oblig is due 21 October.
  • The obligs have not yet been corrected, but will be some time during this week.
  • About fifty percent of the responses will need to be handed in again.

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